Previous Speaker Engagements

Gary has worked as a motivational safety speaker for various companies; from construction to industrial sectors.

Gary would like to thank all of the organisations and companies he has worked for in recent years. He is honoured to have been invited to take part as a guest speaker in many safety events and training workshops. Throughout Gary’s career as a safety speaker he has met many kind people who commented on how his talk has inspired them to think about safety in the workplace more seriously and consider their behaviours and actions. You can read some of his recent Testimonials here.

His safety awareness presentation is emotional and has left some in his audience in tears. It is a story that has ‘hit home’ with many, but also provides an account of how a life-changing event can be turned into a positive experience that now aims to help others. The importance of love and support from family and friends is highlighted, particularly in mental health and well-being.

Gary would also like to thank the hundreds of people who have kindly donated to his chosen charity, Headway. Headway is an organisation that supports brain injury victims and their families. Gary himself suffered significant brain trauma after his fall from height accident, and so this is a charity close to his heart.