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Balustrade Detail

One of the things which happened after my accident was obviously the investigation. A size was taken of the balustrade of 870mm by one of the senior investigators (of which there were several people investigating) but it was taken from the top railing to the top of the plinth on which it sat. The plinthContinue reading “Balustrade Detail”

Safety speakers services – new online talks available

I am pleased to announce that I now have two new online talks available. These safety talks are an online alternative to the presentation I normally deliver and allow me to expand my safety speaker services. CDM Regulations This talk is about my fall from height accident in relation to Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations.Continue reading “Safety speakers services – new online talks available”

Mental Health Awareness Day

The 10th October marks Mental Health Awareness Day. My thoughts are with those that have suffered, or are suffering, from mental health issues.