Safety speakers services – new online talks available

I am pleased to announce that I now have two new online talks available. These safety talks are an online alternative to the presentation I normally deliver and allow me to expand my safety speaker services.

CDM Regulations

This talk is about my fall from height accident in relation to Construction Design Management (CDM) Regulations. It touches on CDM back when my accident happened but focuses more on how those regulations would apply if my accident were to happen today in their current form.

Work at Height

The Work at Height online presentation details the Hierarchy of Control Measures, planning and control of work at height activity.

These new alternative talks delve into the lessons which can be learned from a CDM perspective or planning and managing work at height activity. They are perhaps more suited towards a target audience, management or at the very least, people who understand CDM and Work at Height Regulations to an extent or are looking for a basic understanding of each. It is also suited towards people in control of workplaces where there is a likelihood of people working at height (which includes office staff changing a lightbulb or doing something temporarily to gain extra height etc). It will give people in control of those sorts of environments some food for thought and provide a basic understanding of each topic.

Please contact me for more information.