The immediate aftermath of my fall from height

The main contractor representative I was with on the day of my accident, Maurice, attended a safety speaker engagement I did at Hampden previously and we were chatting over a coffee afterwards. Maurice told me that he was questioned by the Police about whether we had been arguing beforehand.

He was also questioned about my mindset. Can you imagine the trauma he went through that day?

He saw and heard the fall, quickly ran inside and notified others to arrange emergency services, then when he got outside and realised my breathing was restricted, (due to broken teeth, tongue and blood etc) he literally had to sit with his fingers inside my mouth to ensure clear passage of air – effectively saving my life until arrival of the ambulance and paramedics!

Then at the hospital, he met with my parents and sister for the first time (all in a state of shock) and at a point when my prospects of survival looked very bleak to say the least.

Now to my point, the Police or a passer-by found my wallet in a set of bushes about 50 yards away from the accident scene afterwards, which added further to their line of questioning (the Police of course have to cover every possible scenario, so this is not a criticism of them). Not only was there a hint of attempted murder in their questioning and the merest suspicion of it being a suicide attempt, but someone had actually stolen my wallet, taken the money but left the cards between the moment I fell and Maurice arriving to my aid, obviously thinking I wouldn’t be needing it anymore, so Maurice had to answer what seemed like the bizarre line of questioning in relation to the recovered wallet. There was a homeless shelter or soup kitchen across the street, it may or may not have been one of those patrons who was perhaps desperate and had wanted to make use of the money, a crowd had gathered around me, some of whom were perhaps from that shelter and Maurice had to ask them to give way for him to get to me.

I only found out this aspect of ‘his story’ (which he is now prepared to share as a new alternative or additional speaker) that day at Hampden. I have created a video showing the distance from the accident scene to those bushes – the metal gate is probably new.